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BALLOON-EUSO is a partnership project of the international consortium JEM-EUSO and CNES that aims to fly over several campaigns in 2013, a prototype fluorescence telescope aboard a stratospheric balloon CNES.
The objective of this type of mission is to test the validity of concepts and technical choices made today for the JEM-EUSO space mission scheduled for 2017 or any subsequent project aimed at achieving an observatory of giant air showers induced by energetic cosmic rays from space.
The design and the construction of this telescope is a real technical challenge, as it involves the use of new technologies from the laboratories of both industrial and research laboratories in areas as diverse as optical large and accurate Fresnel lenses, a technique of photodetection highly sensitivive and good resolution, and very innovative analog and digital electronics.
The aim of the project EUSO-BALLOON is threefold:

  • Test all the technologies developed for JEM-EUSO under very severe operating conditions(stratosphere), partly representative of some conditions that would have to meet any telescope fluorescence light space (accomodated on the ISS or in free flight on a satellite),
  • To measure the intensity of the atmospheric airglow with an appropriate angular resolution for JEM-EUSO, this continuous background requiring to be subtracted to any measured signal,
  • To highlight the ability of such an instrument to detect air showers from space (above the measured background level from the Airglow).

Now the JEM-EUSO Team is working in a developpement Phase B.

The information is centered on this web site for a better circulation of the information among the participant to the project.

People involved in that developpement have to log-in to access to the Project EUSO-Balloon section of this web site.


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Tuesday 7 January 2014
by  Sylvie

Happy new year 2014

from Peter, January 6th 2014

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Dear friends,

I hope you’re back from a relaxing holiday, and wish you all the best for a happy and successful 2014 - this will be an important year for eusoballoon.

It’s D-225 for our nominal launch window in Timmins !
I’m looking forward making this happen together


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The most recent articles

Wednesday 2 September 2015
by  Sylvie

Acceptance Keypoint Slides

titre speaker slides Introduction Karine Mercier Organisation Karine Mercier Introduction EB Peter v Ballmoos The EUSO-BALLOON subsystems Guillaume Prévôt EUSO-balloon: changes in the baseline configuration Guillaume Prévôt (...)
Wednesday 10 December 2014
by  Sylvie


Monday 13 October 2014
by  Sylvie

CNES report on EUSO-BALLOON campaign

You can find the CNES report on the EUSO-BALLOON campaign: report on the balloon operation report on the instrument setup and mission The stratocat web site provide a number of very interessant articles: an article on EUSO-BALLOON, an article on the franco-canadian balloon launch base at (...)
Monday 26 May 2014
by  Sylvie

Documents for the EUSO Balloon Instrument Key Point for Flight Acceptance

Please find the document that are being written for EUSO Balloon Instrument Key Point for Flight Acceptance Review Documents Reference word pdf EUSO Balloon Mission Specification EUSO-MS-INST-402-IRAP EUSO Balloon technical Specification (...)
Saturday 12 April 2014
by  Sylvie

March 2014

document type document in word document in pdf date of submission Section 1-3 (Max 70 pages) March 26th 2014 Section 4-5 (unlimitted) March 26th 2014 web application March 26th 2014 web application March 26th (...)
Thursday 10 April 2014
by  Sylvie

April 2014

document typelan document in word document in pdf version date status Scientific Document (max 30 pages) EN v3 5 mai 2014 not submitted Scientific Document (max 30 pages) FR v14 5 mai 2014 to be submitted (...)
Friday 10 January 2014
by  Sylvie

Janvier 2014

Besoins en informatique au LAL discuté le 10 janvier 2014
Thursday 14 November 2013
by  Sylvie

novembre 2013

date document update 18/11/2013 25/11/2013 24/11@6:00 PM 26/11/2013 25/11@4:00 PM 26/11/2013 25/11@9:00 PM
Thursday 24 October 2013
by  Sylvie

AIT at APC in October by many people

To see this, visit the other jem-euso web site This month, PDM and DP, including HVPS and HK are put together at APC. Here are a few pictures from this AIT for more picture, look at the article there ! jem-euso web (...)
Tuesday 17 September 2013
by  Sylvie

Réunion du LAL le 17 septembre 2013


Meeting with Sylvie 1,2 , Pierre, Hiroko (Skype), Julio

Camille not around this week

Thursday 25 July 2013
by  Sylvie

PDM for EA

Thursday 6 June 2013
by  Sylvie

The 8 FM EC-Units potted has arrived

Voici comme prévu les premières photos des EC Unit potées, câblées et montées sur la structure en delrin. L’EC_Unit qui manque (slide2) est en train d’être mesurée (slide5), comme celle-ci était centrée, nous ne l’avons pas démontée. A bientôt, (...)
Friday 17 May 2013
by  Sylvie

The Integrated PDM of EUSO-TA

Dear Colleagues, some updates on the TA-EUSO detector construction. 1. EC unit has just been completed. This has required more time than originally foreseen. It is now assembled and first tests will begin soon. All EC units have been completed and this is the first time that a full PDM FS is (...)
Monday 25 March 2013
by  Sylvie

Examples of pictures for EUSO-BALLOON

The purpose of this article is to gather the best pictures on the EUSO-BALLOON project
Monday 4 February 2013
by  Sylvie


Here are the slides and the thesis documents written by Salleh Ahmad to defend his thesis November 30th 2012 at LAL. thesis : presentation :
Friday 14 December 2012
by  Sylvie

Integration of the Electronics at LAL

from Monday December 3rd to Friday December 14th 2012
Wednesday 12 December 2012
by  Guillaume, Sylvie

Final version of the documents presented at CNES CDR

Here is the table : Reference tag Title version tag doc-file pdf-file Nombre de pages EUSO-ON-INST-201-LAL EUSO Balloon Organization Note 2.0 Organization Note Organization Note 11 EUSO-DF-INST-204-LAL EUSO Balloon Instrument Definition 2.0 Instrument (...)
Monday 10 December 2012
by  Sylvie

Agenda of the CDR at CNES and presentations !

The agenda of the CDR can be found in the attached documents. Time ΔT Who What ppt pdf 9h00 10 P Danto/J Evrard Welcome, review objectives, presentation of the review board and its mandate. 9h10 10 P Danto Instrument Phase B outlines (planning, drivers, main (...)
Tuesday 16 October 2012
by  Sylvie


The 8th progress meeting on EUSO-BALLOON has been held at APC, October 12th 2012. Here are the slides for the JEM-EUSO meeting on simulation and atmospheric monitoring in Geneva, October 17th 2012.
Wednesday 12 September 2012
by  Sylvie


Rapport 2013 pour l’AERES
Tuesday 24 July 2012
by  Sylvie

Mecanical protptype for EC Unit

From: “RENAUT, FREDERIC” To: Pierre Barrillon cc: ’Sylvie Dagoret’ , “MATHIEU, JACK” , “LEDUC, SERGE” , “COLOMBERT, AURELIE” , Sylvie Blin , Ahmad Salleh Subject: RE: CR enrobage prototype mécanique EC-UNIT Date-Sent: mardi 24 juillet 2012 11:20 +0200 Bonjour, Le prototype mécanique est à (...)
Tuesday 7 February 2012
by  Sylvie

Presentations of the Phase A review

Schedule Duration Who What doc 9h00-9h10 10 min P.DANTO / Y. ANDRE Welcome and presentation of the Review board and its mandate 9h10-9h20 10 min P.DANTO Phase A outlines (planning, drivers, main issues, status) 9h20-9h30 10 min O.LA MARLE Programmatic (...)
Wednesday 11 January 2012
by  Sylvie

Finale Versions of the documents for the Phase A Review

Thanks to many of us, the document have been submitted in time to CNES. We thanks all the contributors for having written parts of those documents and also those collaborators having reviewed and improved the documentation and especially Pascale for her patience and her usefull advices and (...)
Thursday 20 October 2011
by  Sylvie

Remarks from Andrii about the TA model and the possibility to see Air showers using the Cerenkov light

From: Andrii Neronov To: Philippe Gorodetzky cc: Sylvie Dagoret , Ahmad Salleh , Pierre Barrillon Subject: EAS in Cherenkov light with JEM-EUSO test setup at Telescope Array site Date-Sent: mardi 18 octobre 2011 23:48 +0200 Dear Pierre, Sylvie, Philippe and Ahmad, following today’s (...)
Wednesday 5 October 2011
by  Sylvie

What is the EUSO-BALLOON project

EUSO-BALLOON is a pathfinder balloon mission for the Extreme Universe Space Observatory on-board the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM-EUSO) mission. Two are the main objectives of the proposed Balloon experiment: 1) to perform a full end-to-end test of one unit of the JEM-EUSO qualification (...)









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